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The ERC-20 Token Standard provides standard framework describing functions a token contract can implement.

Examples of ERC20 Tokens:

GOLEM Golem is creating a decentralized global market for computing power built on Ethereum
Augur REP - Decentralized prediction market built on Ethereum
Maker MKR - Decentralized Autonomous Organization built on Ethereum
Gnosis Decentralized prediction market built on Ethereum
Digix DGD - Asset backed with gold bullion - built on Ethereum
SingularDTV SNGLS - Entertainment studio, rights management platform for video on-demand built on Ethereum RLC - Blockchain Based distributed cloud computing built on Ethereum
ICONOMI Digital Asset Management Platform built on Ethereum
Pluton Tap & Pay with any NFC-enabled merchant built on Ethereum
FirstBlood Decentralized Esports gaming platform built on Ethereum
Melon Digital Asset Management Platform built on Ethereum
Trustcoin WeTrust platform for Trusted Lending Circles built on Ethereum
Swarm City SWT - Swarm City is a decentralized peer to peer sharing economy built on Ethereum
ChronoBank TIME - is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries built on Ethereum
Edgeless The Ethereum smart contract-based that offers a 0% house edge and solves the transparency question once and for all built on Ethereum
Matchpool Guppy Tokens - Platform that creates incetevised platform for human matching (dating and other use cases) built on Ethereum
vDice vSlice - Gaming Platform built on Ethereum
Taas Fund Closed-end transparent fund for blockchain based investment built on Ethereum
TheDAO TheDAO was one of the first Ethereum DAOs Decentralized Autonomous Organization which failed due to flaw in it's deployed smart contract - now in refund stage